Writing poems with the child in mind.



Here you will find details of past and future publications,

samples of my poetry and information on school workshops.

'Rachel Rooney writes persuasively, and often amusingly, about the ‘P’ word: ‘Then who plucked the T from a thorn/carved an ivory pen out of a horn/and dipped it in ink?’ Other poems are thoughtful, quirky, sensitive, amusing, occasionally edgy. Hers is a welcome new voice.'

Books for Keeps


 NEW FOR AUGUST '18  A Kid in My Class  -Otter- Barry Books   "The ‘Please Mrs Butler‘ of the 21st century" - Bookwagon


A Kid in My Class 

The ‘Please Mrs Butler‘ of the 21st century.

Bookwagon UK

‘Rachel Rooney's poetry collection for children is a well-crafted,stimulating and un-patronising box of delights, always accessible and constantly inventive.’ 

Carol Ann Duffy


'Making the ordinary seem extraordinary is a gift - one which characterises the poetry of Rachel Rooney.'