Poems from A Kid in My Class

Poems from My Life as a Goldfish

Home Time

It’s five past three.

Sixty-four eyes look at me.

No. Sixty-two. 

Not Matthew. 

He hasn’t learnt to read my face. 

He’s got digital. A disgrace! 

I reach to ten. 

The school bell sounds and then – relief. 

No more glueing, sticking.

Just me and the teacher 




Raga Man


  He’s the ink’s skin.

 A rife fire.

 A thin hint.

The lair liar.


He’s the fort’s frost.

 He is part trap.

 A lost slot. 

  The asp sap. 


  He’s a loot tool.

 The meat’s steam.

 The flue fuel.

 An armed dream.


He’s a plum’s slump.

 A saint stain. 

  He’s got smug gums

 and a bairn’s brains. 

Poems from The Language of Cat



Who cast the P from a spell

sold it for profit as sell,

then kept what was left 

in a locked letter chest?


And who sucked the O from a hoop,

hopped off with that loop

which she balanced for fun

on the tip of her tongue?


Who stole the E from a cheat

in the street when they met for a chat,

slipped her hand in a bag

and made off with the swag?


Then who plucked the T from a thorn,

carved an ivory pen out of horn

and dipped it in ink... 

Well, who do you think did that?

Nought to Nine

A ring made of gold, a doughnut and hole, 
something that’s nothing that’s easy to roll.


A periscope raised, a walking stick,
the cut of a cake and a candle’s new wick.


A swan on a lake, a nun knelt in prayer,
an FA Cup handle raised in the air.


The pout of a mouth, a bird flying over,
a bra on a line, two leaves of a clover.


A neatly pressed ribbon, a kite without string
the nose of a witch and an arm in a sling.


The hand of a pirate, a flat-headed snake,
an apple divided, the latch on a gate.


A teardrop to wipe, a cherry and stalk,
the speech mark to use when your words start totalk.


Half a triangle, a fox’s ear tip,
an arrow, an arm of a hand on a hip.


Balancing balls and a circular kiss, 
a hoop with a waist and a rope in a twist.


A hook in a curtain, chameleon’s tongue,
the whistle to blow when this poem is done.