CLiPPA 2015

I was lucky enough to have my latest collection My Life as a Goldfish shortlisted for the 2015 CLiPPA (CLPE Award) . The ceremony took place at the Dorfman Theatre on July 16th. Poets from each of the 5 shortlisted books performed one of their poems, alongside stellar recitations from primary aged children. It was wonderful to see the John Donne Primary School children recite and act out my poem Stone. Well done to them and their teacher! Joseph Coelho won the award with his debut poetry collection Werewolf Club Rules. A worthy winner who will be sure to help raise the profile of children's poetry. It was a great day. Many thanks to the Centre for Literacy in Primary Education for organising

Laureate and Light.

The newly appointed Children's Laureate Chris Ridell has kindly drawn some sketches to go with my poem 'Six Facts About Light' (from my latest collection My Life as a Goldfish). It's great to see Light interpreted in this way. The upcoming theme of National Poetry Day is Light. This poem can be used as a model for other personification poems such as Six Facts About Autumn or Five Facts about Volcanoes etc.

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