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Xmas Round Robin

A Happy Christmas to you all!

Here's a quick Round Robin detailing my recent activities.

I've really enjoyed introducing pupils to the kids in MY class this term, touring schools with The Children's Bookshow in Leicester, Wolverhampton and Liverpool schools.

I've continued my residency at Limpsfield Grange Secondary School as part of my Autism & Poetry project. I visit the school 4 days a term over 5 terms, and I work across 4 year groups encouraging them in the writing of their own poems.

It's been great to spend extended time at the school and to watch the pupils grow in confidence with their writing. I've got one more term to go - and hope to collate an anthology of their work at the finish. More on that later, meanwhile here are some examples..

And finally, I've enjoyed some lovely reviews of A Kid in My Class including this very pleasing one:

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