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Prizes and Picture Books

I'm back with some good news!

In the Autumn my poetry collection A Kid in My Class was lucky enough to win the North Somerset Teacher's Book Award. I was especially pleased about this as it was an award judged by teachers. I'm so glad that they liked all the kids who featured in the book.

I was away touring with The Children's Bookshow and so unfortunately I unable to collect the prize in person and so missed the delicious cake fest that accompanied the award ceremony. However, the paperweight now takes pride of place on my writing desk.

In December, I also published a picture book called My Body is Me. It is illustrated by the wonderfully talented Jessica Ahlberg and was a personal project of ours. The book aims to encourage young children to celebrate the body they are born in & it aims to counteract the plethora of 'born in the wrong body' books for young children. It is published by TransgenderTrend and can be bought directly from their website at transgendertrend. com.

And finally, I'm very excited about my forthcoming picture book The Problem with Problems is out in March 2020. It has already become an editor's choice :)

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