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Winter Worries

Welcome back!

2020 has been a difficult year for everyone and I do hope that you've found something to cheer you up and help you get through these tough times.

While I haven't been out visiting schools very often, I have had the chance to meet some of you via online sessions which has been energising and a great way to stay in touch.

I've also had some poems published in a couple of anthologies - see below.

(I do love a poetry collection that has a marker ribbon. It makes it feel extra special!)

I am also looking forward to my next picture book The Worrying Worries coming out on January 7th 2021. It has already been released in Australia and has had a great reception over there. The book is the second in a trilogy, illustrated by Zehra Hicks and published by Andersen Press. It follows a similar format as The Problem with Problems, it's a rhyming text that depicts a Worry as a little monster, and offers handy suggestions as to how to help get rid of one. Advice that we could all do with right now!


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