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Workshop Poems


Poems by Yr 7 pupils from Queen’s College (based on model poems from My Life as a Goldfish)


by Georgia


My eye sees a wolf following its prey stealthily, jaws ready to bite.

It can also see underwater with the fishes swimming silently.

My eye sees into dreams mythical beasts with two heads and six feet.

It sees the unknown questions that no one will ever know.

My eye shall listen to all the trees as I watch the new ones grow.

I can see all the spirits of the living guiding us as we speak.

No secrets will be hidden from me because my eye is staring, never blinks. always staring.


by Daisy


Amber is the rising sun shining through the bedroom window.

It’s the aroma of the crisp autumn air wafting through the open door during breakfast.

The juice of a canteloupe melon on the hot summer day, bringing back the absence of thirst.

Amber is the brush of my cat as he comes into the warmth of our house after catching mice out in winter.

The sound of cars as they start to drive at the sign of the orange traffic light.

Feeling of harmony in the amber afternoon, knowing next is sleep.

Diamonds in the Rough

by Thalia


One, a chestnut brown woodlouse.

One, a mere skeletal frame.

One, about to slice through the thin night’s atmosphere

One, to be gifted as a necklace.

One, shaped like a melting candle, flickering in the darkness.

All should be treasured forever.

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