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Praise for The Problem With Problems: 'A masterclass in how to do children's self help well... the medicine will go down very easily' TELEGRAPH
What happens if you meet a Fear? It's a frightening thing, and it's different for us all. Some are helpful and keep us safe, others cannot be explained. You can fight them and tame them, but sometimes, you might find you were mistaken, and the Fear was really excitement all along! One thing's for sure... often the things you fear are more afraid of you.

The Fears You Fear

Illustrated by Zehra Hicks

HG Front.png

A girl travels the path to her future in this powerful coming-of-age collection. Exploring relationships, deep feelings, and the comfort of words, we follow her as she grows up - determined to find the freedom to be herself. 

This is an outstanding young teen collection by a poet at the height of her powers, illustrated with Milo Hartnoll's stunning graphic illustrations. 

Hey, Girl!

Illustrated by Milo Hartnoll

Recommended age: 12+


Language of Cat cover.jpg

Find out who cast the P from a spell; read about the queen who dreams of eating burgers and chips; see what happened to the friend who swallowed a DVD; best of all, learn the language of Cat. With wordplay and riddles, and poems that make you laugh, tell you stories and make you think.

The Language of Cat

Recommended age: 9-12


"These poems have a subtle distinctive speaking voice, lighting up shifts of thought and feeling that young readers will recognize but that clichés would conceal. Rachel Rooney relishes and shares the craft of poetry; gradually you spot exacting games of form and language beneath a surface that seems simple enough for youngest readers to approach, and the poems will grow in the reader’s mind with re-reading, year by year."


Centre for Literacy in Primary Education

The Worrying Worries
illustrated by Zehra Hicks

What happens when you get a Worry? They can follow you around everywhere, and they are HUNGRY. They feed on your fears and put sad thoughts in your head until they’ve grown so big, it can be hard to get anything done! Luckily, the Worry Expert knows exactly what to do.

The Problem with Problems

illustrated by Zehra Hicks

Have you ever met a Problem? They come in all shapes and sizes, and can pop up at the most inconvenient times. But you should know some things about them that will help you make them disappear…
This one-of-a-kind picture book will help little ones and grown-ups alike deal with their pesky problems.

"Children's self-help is a booming market, and Rooney gives a masterclass in how to do it well - 5 stars."

Emily Bearn, The Telegraph

My Body is Me!

illustrated by Jessica Ahlberg

This book introduces young children to the workings of the human body, and celebrates similarities and differences while challenging sex stereotypes. It also aims to promote a positive self-image and foster self-care skills. The text is inclusive for children with physical or sensory disabilities.


A Kid in My Class 

illustrated by Chris Riddell

"He's not scared of nothing. Nobody. Never. Nah. Which means that he is. Tough Kid. Not tough enough. I know - I once met his dad." They're all here...every kid in the class has their own poem. The pushy one, the shy one. The whizz kid and the daydreamer. The best friender and the kid who runs in his wheelchair. The tough kid, the poet. And not forgetting the class hamster.

Image 30-03-2020 at 19.05.jpeg
Recommended age: 7-11

"Rooney and Riddell - 'A Class Act'"

Roger McGough

It is near impossible to over-praise this perfect little anthology. Rachel Rooney’s laconic verses about a typical selection of primary school pupils are at times uproariously funny, elsewhere quizzical, compassionate and occasionally just a bit sad. 

NicholasTucker, Books for Keeps

Sleeping Beauty

A retelling of the classic fairy tale Sleeping Beauty, written in verse. This book is suitable for emerging independent readers but also perfect as a lyrical bedtime story for younger children.

My Life as a Goldfish

A monster’ s lunch, a wolf boy, Monday mornings, monkeys, headlice, Christmas, making friends, goldfish – and lots more. Full of jokes, surprises and puzzles, but also sensitive and thought-provoking, this is a spellbinding new collection from the winner of the CLPE Poetry Award.

Recommended age: 7-11



"These succinct poems, sometimes darkly humorous and incorporating delicious wordplay, are lessons in how economy of words can lead the imagination to soar"


Centre for Literacy in Primary Education

A Patch of Black

illustrated by Deborah Allwright

What can you do with a patch of black, a moon and a silver star?

From a magical wish-granting cloak to a hammock rocked by jungle animal friends, there's nothing that a patch of night-time sky can't become with a bit of imagination, and certainly no need to be afraid of the dark. Rachel Rooney's charming text is accompanied by beautiful, evocative illustrations from Deborah Allwright.

"A lyrical and enticing bedtime book"

The School Librarian


"A Patch of Black is a beautifully soothing lullaby and is a wonderful book to read aloud when bedtime beckons and day turns to night. [...] A truly classic bedtime book, sure to become a favourite with all the family.'"

Lancashire Evening Post

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