The Problem with Problems

illustrated by Zehra Hicks

A Kid in My Class 

"Rooney and Riddell - 'A Class Act'"


Roger McGough

Sleeping Beauty

A retelling of the classic fairy tale Sleeping Beauty, written in verse. This book is suitable for emerging independent readers but also perfect as a lyrical bedtime story for younger children.

The Language of Cat


"These poems have a subtle distinctive speaking voice, lighting up shifts of thought and feeling that young readers will recognize but that clichés would conceal. Rachel Rooney relishes and shares the craft of poetry; gradually you spot exacting games of form and language beneath a surface that seems simple enough for youngest readers to approach, and the poems will grow in the reader’s mind with re-reading, year by year."


Centre for Literacy in Primary Education


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"These succinct poems, sometimes darkly humorous and incorporating delicious wordplay, are lessons in how economy of words can lead the imagination to soar"


Centre for Literacy in Primary Education


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My Life as a Goldfish

A Patch of Black

"A lyrical and enticing bedtime book"

- The School Librarian


"A Patch of Black is a beautifully soothing lullaby and is a wonderful book to read aloud when bedtime beckons and day turns to night. It's the stuff of dreams for toddlers feeling fraught after a busy day, providing the perfect wind-down with its colourful, dream-like illustrations by Deborah Allwright and hypnotic verse by Rachel Rooney. A truly classic bedtime book, sure to become a favourite with all the family.'"

Lancashire Evening Post


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